Adcircle Private Limited

Adcircle is the brainchild of Mr. G.S. Gupta who became the Chief Executive of ASP in 1968, and subsequently took charge of Communication Consultants, an agency belonging to the same group. His years of experience in managing portfolios like Hindustan Motors, Orient Fans, India Linoleums and Morton Sweets, etc. exposed him to several nuances of advertising and enabled him to acquire proficiency in a gamut of activities related to this field. Backed by this knowledge, he laid the foundation of Adcircle Pvt. Ltd. in 1975.

At the very onset of this enterprise, he was joined by Mr. Pradeep K. Gupta who assissted him in developing and handling the regional and national advertising of renowned clients like Rilaxon, Duroply, Linoleum, Modi Carpet and National Plywood among others. Ten years later, Mr. Pradeep K. Gupta assumed charge of the New Delhi branch in 1984, bringing with him invaluable first-hand experience of various advertising perquisites.

Since the very beginning, Adcircle was backed by a team of experienced professionals from the areas of advertising, communication, marketing, research, designing and production. As the Company expanded, many more esteemed graphic designers, copywriters, art directors, media planners and service executives allied with Adcircle, giving new impetus to the process of developing and handling the national advertising of a prestigious clientele.

Nurtured by such expertise, Adcircle added many more prestigious names like FCI, Khaitan, Nuclear Power Corporation, Chokhanis and the JK Group to its prolific client portfolio, and took up the diverse advertising demands of large as well as small organizations from its well-established offices in Kolkata and
New Delhi.

An undeterred focus on the communication task and a perfect anticipation of the needs of the client has enabled the Company to deliver consistently and achieve significant brand equity. Surging ahead on the strength of an experienced team, Adcircle has evolved through the years, and not only found its distinctive niche in the advertising fraternity but also in the consumers’ minds.

Adcircle Private Limited